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About Us

Redondo Beach with boats by the beachWhether you’re dealing with a joint issue or spasm, chiropractic is an amazing type of health care that many people haven’t tried.

At Goodlife Chiropractic at King Harbor, our greatest hope for patients is that we’re able to get to the root problem that’s causing pain, be it an aching back, spastic muscle or even frequent headaches. We often see patients who have come to us after traditional medicine or physical therapy were unable to help, and our thrilled with our safe and natural care that can improve and heal their condition.

Meet Dr. Michael Donohue

The Goodlife Chiropractic at King Harbor Vision

Our vision is to find the root problem of our patients’ pain and to develop a treatment plan that leads to improved health and wellness.”

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Owner Dr. Carry and practicing chiropractor Dr. Donohue believes that chiropractic care focuses on promoting wellness by keeping the body in the proper shape necessary to heal itself. Through gentle spinal adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy and nutritional information we’re able to provide our patients with an all-encompassing approach that leads to wellness.

Goodlife Chiropractic at King Harbor specializes in the following services:

To make sure our patients always receive the best possible care, we work closely with a network of MDs who can provide additional support when necessary. This way, patients can rest easy knowing we truly have their best interest at heart.

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